NEET 4 Needs – YSS program for a better future

The main activities of the Young Service Steward Program are focusing on the NEETs aged 25-29 by a 360° competence upgrade in a blend of digital skills, life skills, counselling, and employment in a flexible delivery system.

We have all together 12 locations for implementation – 3 locations in 4 beneficiary countries. In each location 20 NEET youth receive all together 160 hours support.

360° support process

Personal support

All involved NEET get two different types of personal support.

Competence development 

All involved NEETs get two different type of competence development support.

Counselling support

All involved NEET get 10 hour long personal counselling support during the local level implementation period of the YSS Program.

Community Service Employment with the support of a mentor

All involved NEET get a community service employment opportunity with personal mentoring support in the local community. The main field of employment are the social care or the circular economy sector.

Onsite digital competence development on 3 level, based on their own existing competence level, through 30 hours courses in group work.

Life-skills training programs in 3 different topics

  1. Motivation for an active life
  2. Empowerment for employment
  3. A self-sustained life

Online Digital Competence Development

800 NEETs involved in 4 beneficiary countries


Based on the results of the local needs assessments

30 hours online course

Infographic about the YSS Program

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