Establish Local Service Committees

Mar 22, 2022

As a part of the preparation phase of our Young Service Steward Program, in the first quarter of the year, the YSS Project was presented at the planned implementation settlements of the project to relevant local stakeholders in all beneficiary countries.

In the framework of the project, meetings were held in 3 locations per country, bringing together actors such as municipalities, employment centres, and representatives of local NGOs in contact with local youth. At the meeting, the participants were given an overview of what we want to achieve at the local level and why. In the second half of the meeting, participants discussed together who and how they could contribute to the success of the project’s local implementation and what difficulties they would have to face.  

In general, stakeholders who attended the meetings were generally welcoming the project. Thanks to this supportive approach we can continue to implement our planned activities in partnership with local communities for local communities in every partner country!

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