Focus on the local cooperation

Feb 10, 2022

4 countries – 12 locations. We started to build the local supporting network for the Young Service Steward Program. Local municipalities, NGO-s, education institutes, and other organizations are also interested in developing a better local community by involving the youths in local services, helping the NEETs to find their place.

It’s essential to establish a stable relationship with local actors to be able to reach our common goals – to help the local NEET-s become more competent, more motivated and to find their right place in the local community. By establishing Local Community Service Committees, we bring and keep together all the relevant local partners and stakeholders to one common table to discuss the process of our Young Service Steward Program for the local community.

The first step of the cooperation is to collect and analyze both the local communities’ and NEET youth’s needs, expectations, and at the same time the opportunities, skills, and abilities to get to know the baseline, where we start.

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