Focus on the Local Needs

Feb 24, 2022

For the successful implementation of our YSS Program, it is essential to understand in each implementation site as much as possible the starting situation, the needs, goals, and expectations of the local NEETs involved in the program, and the community itself. This will be done through face-to-face interviews and targeted discussions with local decision-makers, partners, and, of course, young people interested in the program itself.

The series of interviews will provide a more accurate picture of the local conditions and opportunities, both about the supporting and cooperating partners and involved youth. We will find out what motivates the different actors and what obstacles they face in meeting their needs and achieving their goals.

The survey not only helps to define the focus of the YSS Project but also provides an accurate starting point to identify which skills and competencies of NEET youth should be developed to match local needs and their potential.

This is not a process for its own sake! An important goal of the YSS Programme is to ensure sustainability, i.e. that young people gain the knowledge, skills, and motivation through the Programme that will help them to find their place and realize their values for the benefit of the local community in the longer term.

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