Opening event in Újfehértó, Hungary

Oct 12, 2023

The dissemination event organized by the Modus Foundation was successfully held in Újfehértó, where approx. 60 enthusiastic participants attended.

The event was opened by the Mayor Dr. József Hosszú. Key presentations included Józsefné Cserbán, representative of the Modus Foundation, who presented the importance and objectives of the Young Service Steward Programme, followed by useful recommendations on how to support young adults. Krisztián Steigervald gave an inspiring presentation on the battle for intergenerational awareness. Lajos Varjú, an economist-sociologist, presented the possibilities of the project to support young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, and finally Zoltán Szabó, head of LearnDigital, gave a presentation on the use of a digital self-assessment tool for NEETs.

The event contributed to improving young people’s life chances and self-empowerment and helped to implement the project locally.

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