NEET 4 Needs – YSS program for a better future

The Young Service Steward Program (YSS, Project No. 2020-1-0144) is an EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment Project is implemented by an international consortium with organizations from Hungary – Romania – Spain with professional support from Norway.

Implemented by

Progress Consult Ltd.

Danish-Hungarian Development Company

The mission of our company is to be an active, reliable, and innovative provider of lifelong learning solutions and basic skills development for both the private and public sector. The strategic focus of Progress is to contribute with learning and capacity building solutions to build capacities in a labour market in constant need of new competencies and skills and enforce people to get successful access (digital or analogue) to relevant skills and qualifications.

Our company has been involved in lifelong learning and basic skills activities since 2009. Prior to this, the organisation had a broader focus on improving welfare services, social development, and institutional reforms for disadvantaged groups and long-term unemployed.

Our company started its operation in Hungary in 1998. In recent years Progress has widened its operations to other countries in the region and participates in several innovative programmes in the field of adult education with partners from all over Europe. Since 2010 Progress has been an active and founding member of the European Basic Skills Network, From 2013 the General Assembly of the EBSN appointed Progress to manage the organisation and the operation of the Network by acting as the EBSN Secretariat.

Role in the YSS Project

Progress management has focus on the clear division of the tasks decided by the Partners, and on the regular dialogue on program progress and quality assurance of the partners’ activities and performance.

Responsibility for specific tasks/work packages is assigned to individual partners according to their expertise. Overall responsibility for Project Management and Implementation will be in the hand of Progress Consult. Furthermore Progress will take responsibility for develop the Digital Competence Assessment Tool and organise two international communication events.

Young Service Steward Program implementation

Progress will take responsibility for the implementation of Young Service Steward Program in one location in Hungary.



Hírös Cédrus Egyesület


Gentis Foundation

Gentis Foundation

Gentis Foundation is a non-profit Organization that wants to improve the employability and skill development of disadvantaged groups, both emotional and social. At Gentis we keep the wheels turning for complete inclusion through community action, education, mentoring, mediation, family support, psychological and therapeutic intervention.

Gentis is part of the Catalan Organizations with International dimension of the Government, Secretariy of Foreign Affairs and the European Union.

Gentis is member of:

  • The European Association of Service providers for Persons with Disabilities (EASPD)
  • The European Basic Skills Network (EBSN)
  • The European Association of Second Chance Schools (E2C Europe)

Services specialized in improving occupability and competence, emotional and social developement, through community action, education, mentoring and sociolabour guidance. Specially focused in disadvantaged groups.

At Gentis we work tirelessly towards improving people’s quality of life by impacting their careers through labour market insertion and education, their emotional and family situation, as well as accompanying them in mediation and mentoring processes.

Our activities allow us to work for socio-occupational insertion of different collectives, offering vocational training programs, labour market insertion programs, vocational guidance programs, and employability programs, empowering their community of reference.

The intervention is based on the fight for equal opportunities for all, thanks to participation in the job market and access to training.

Role in the YSS Project

Gentis will establish a local community for the Young Service Steward Program, with three partner organizations active in the project, and will encourage the collaboration of other entities working to strengthen the motivation, empowerment and employment or self-employment of young people aged 25 to 29.

We will do this by training, evaluation, support and teamwork, and through enhancing participation in local communities, covering the needs and enhancing sustainability.

Young Service Steward Program implementation

Gentis will take responsibility for the implementation of Young Service Steward Program in three location in Spain.

Gentis Foundation


Terres de l’Ebre region (Catalonia, Spain), Judit Rufi


Avinguda de La Pau, 178, 43580 Deltebre (Catalonia, Spain)


Fundació Sant Vicenç de Paul


Figueres (Catalonia), Maria Solés


Carrer Pompeu Fabra, 5, 17600 Figueres, Girona (Catalonia, Spain)


Centre for promoting
lifelong learning

CPIP is an NGO built around the idea of lifelong learning as a community development instrument. We work since 2006 with different target groups that have in common the need and desire of learning. We implement European projects that promote the active citizenship and the democratic approach in accessing learning resources, for learners with low basic skills, from remote areas, or that have a big distance to learning and education. With a multidisciplinary approach, we work by means of participatory research, co-production process, design-thinking approach, and grass-root level involvement in co-decision. Also. CPIP is cooperating at European level, being part of 3 network and coordinating one.

We have specialised in developing together with youth and adults, learning games, instruments and European learning experiences. Representing our end-users, we have involved over 200 volunteers across more than 70 implemented projects. CPIP promotes the culture of “lifelong learning” through the active involvement of community members in developing a coherent implementation strategy of the concept and practice of lifelong learning.

The vision of CPIP is a European one. Education overcomes the borders of scholarly age and training is a lifestyle that goes beyond the walls of a specialized institution. With this in mind, the CPIP team promotes a fundamental concept for our existence as specialists active in European construction: lifelong learning.

The mission of CPIP is to bring forward the concept of lifelong learning and make it accessible to the communities with which we come into contact.

Role in the YSS Project

Our role is to be a regional pole of learning for the West Region of Romania and to tailor the learning process to the specific needs of the learners we represent. We are working with young disengaged from learning, from remote rural areas. CPIP has expertise in contributing to the specific content development of the project outputs, as well as the technical implementation of the project.

CPIP will do research at regional level, involving companies, employment representatives, regional stakeholders and most important the young people themselves. We will also be involved in the co-design of the training materials, supporting learning professionals to mentor the youngsters in their learning pathways. We will coordinate the set-up and development of 3 local learning centres and support their active role in the local communities.

CPIP, as beneficiary partner, will lead on one of the work packages (WP5) of the project and contribute to the program activities as planned by the project promoter. Will establish partnerships with local authorities from rural areas in Timis and Caras Severin counties (western part of Romania) and involve the necessary number of young people in the project activities. Moreover, CPIP will develop the training program “Motivation for an active life” in the Life Skills learning programme, as well as the MOOC 3 – Community service development (a 2-hour long MOOC for PES on how to create ” Pathway to improve employment and community awareness through Community Service Work for NEET 25-29″)

Young Service Steward Program implementation

CPIP will take responsibility for the implementation of Young Service Steward Program in three location in Romania.

Berzasca, Caraș Severin County


Municipality of Berzasca


Berzasca nr. 282, jud. Caras-Severin, cod postal 327025


Coșteiu, Timiș County


NGO Educatia la sat


jud. Timiș.  Sat Coșteiu, com. Coșteiu
Str. Crizantemelor Nr. 74


Măciuca, Vîlcea County


NGO Tineri Ambițioși

Pietroasa, Timiș County


Municipality of Pietroasa

Modus foundation

Foundation for connecting social care and digital technologies

Modus Foundation was established in 2005 as a non-profit organization registered in Hungary. From its start the aim of Modus has been to play an active and professional role in the modernisation and improvement of the Hungarian welfare system.

Our mission is to enforce citizens to live an active and healthy life. This will be accomplished by the improvement and capacity of professional staff, volunteers, and active citizens. Modus will introduce all relevant digital technologies, which effectively can improve people’s health situation and connection to the professional health system, to family and friends and volunteers.

Role in the YSS Project

Modus will create the conditions for local implementation, establishes local centres for implementation, prepares and involves specialists in local implementation, informs and involves the target group for piloting the model what will be developed in the project. Given Modus extensive experience in welfare and care services, Modus will play a major role in the professional development of the Welfare / Care Service component of “The young service steward”.

Young Service Steward Program implementation

MODUS foundation will take responsibility for the implementation of Young Service Steward Program in four location in Hungary.



Életrevalók Központ – Újfehértó


4244 Újfehértó Széchenyi u. 7.



Életrevalók Központ – Hodász


4334 Hodász Kossuth Lajos u. 3.



Életrevalók Központ – Érpatak


4245 Érpatak Béke utca 50.



Életrevalók Központ – Nagykálló


4320 Nagykálló Kállai Kettős tér 1.

Prios Kompetanse

Prios Kompetanse AS (Prios) is a research-based corporation operating from Steinkjer in Mid-Norway. Main tasks are project management, business consulting, innovation processes, training and software development. Prios as research center aims to implement the idea of lifelong learning, support and conduct development projects. The center is open to all who wish to develop their talents, refresh their knowledge, improve their business, needs new or better digital tools or have ideas in need for support to be fulfilled.

The main sectors and activities Prios operate in, is in brief:

  • Our educational activities are focused on adult learners and labour market service within basic skills training, VET, entrepreneurship training and tailored training for businesses.
  • Our software department support our educational activities as well as developing new digital solutions based upon requests and needs in different projects, we participate in. We developed and own the Follow-Up® concept.
  • Our consulting activities mostly supports our business clients within internal innovation processes, HR processes, economical advises and management improvements.

Prios takes a social responsibility in local society, by inviting youths and young adult NEETs with digital interest to our facilities and give them free programming and work training, helping them to fulfil school or apply for programming jobs. In average 6-10 NEETs are under training in our premisses.

Prios is members of both European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and training (EfVET) and The European Basic Skills Network, EBSN

Role in the YSS Project

Prios is expert partner in YSS project. The main tasks are to support the beneficiary partners in their job to establish the steward services centres as well as contribute to professional training content.  The experience Prios have from local collaboration in Norway between different stakeholders in order to give the NEETs a 360 approach to develop themselves and support their journey to find employment.

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