The Project

NEET 4 Needs – YSS program for a better future

The Young Service Steward Program (YSS, Project No. 2020-1-0144) is an EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment Project implemented by an international consortium with organizations from Hungary – Romania – Spain with professional support from Norway.


The Young Service Steward Program (YSS) is focused on two areas of development:

  • Support NEETs aged 25-29 by a 360° competence upgrade in a blend of digital skills, life skills, counselling, and employment in a flexible delivery system.
  • Establish Local employment agreements among the key stakeholder of PES/public/private activation to enforce the 360° competence upgrade.

The Young Service Steward Program aimes at preventing the growing competence gap between activation programs and the skills needs of the labour market. The Program matures the local employment within welfare and environmental services.

The objective of the Young Service Steward Program is to use the 360° NEET competence upgrade to widen the employment and vocational possibilities for the NEET group better involved and included.

The outputs of the program will come as tools to improve digital skills, life skills, counselling, mapping tool, and by an innovative Impact Prospect to show how the NEET Youth can become a part of the solution, instead of being the problem of weak local communities. This will be in the form of e-learning, guides, LMS, and virtual tools.

Target Groups

The main target group of the YSS Program is the NEETs aged 25-29 of both genders with diverse challenges. Youth with social challenges and mental challenges and long-term unemployment. Ethnic and immigrant youth will also be involved.

The secondary target group of the YSS Program will be NEET activation programs (EU-wide), which can benefit from tools, methods, and cases to ensure the 360° competence upgrade. Th e high number of NEETs is a local – but also a transnational – challenge across Europe. This requires innovative solutions and values as we are facing the same global challenges from digitalization etc.


During the Program the support process of NEETs will be implemented by local communities (cooperation with NGO-s and local companies) in 12 different locations in the partner’s countries (3 locations in each country).

Locations by countries


The YSS Project will be implemented at local level:

from 1. July 2022. to 31. January 2024.


The Young Service Steward program benefits from a € 1.240.618 grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment.

Project activities and outputs


In the frame of the Young Service Steward Program, we provide a 360° support for the involved NEETs, based on three different activities:

  • Personal Counselling
  • Competence development with training programs: developing digital competences and soft skills.
  • Opportunity to gain work experience with mentoring support.


As a result of the Young Service Steward Program there will be available:

  • an Open Education Resource (OER) on “How to improve competencies” of NEET’s, and
  • three different MOOC related to the activities of the project

Infographic about the YSS Program

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