NEET 4 Needs – YSS program for a better future

Competence development, self-assessment and other tools

Assessment Tool

The YSS project offers an Assessment Tool designed to assist individuals in determining their starting point in digital competence development. Participants can opt for a brief questionnaire comprising 17-25 questions tailored to assess their digital skills. Based on their responses, the tool suggests content that would be most beneficial for their skill level.

The questionnaire doesn’t require registration; participants can directly respond to the queries without signing in. Upon completion, individuals are redirected to the recommended content page.

Digital Competence Development E-Learning

The digital competence development e-learning platform provides content based on the participant’s skill level. The platform offers a diverse range of modules structured across three levels: 

Level 1 (modules 1-4)

Focuses on foundational skills for individuals seeking employment.

Level 2 (modules 1-5)

Prepares learners for the workplace, offering intermediate-level content.

Level 3 (modules 1-6)

Provides advanced skills beneficial to job seekers seeking additional competencies valued by employers.

The platform allows individuals to learn and progress without time constraints. Participants retain the freedom to access and explore any module based on their preferences or areas they wish to develop further. The platform encourages a self-directed learning approach, enabling individuals to navigate modules according to their needs and interests. The assessment tool only suggests which module the participant should start learning with.

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